Handmade Accessories That Can Be Added To Your Wardrobe

Accessories are meant to complete your look and make a sea of difference to the entire look put together. Jewellery forms an important part of one’s wardrobe apart from the clothes, bags and footwear. A piece of jewellery can uplift an entire look. Jewellery can be experimented with to get a particular look whether it’s goth or biker style or chic or elegant.

Buying jewellery is fine, however there is a lot of sentimental value attached to making a piece of jewellery, whether for yourself, a friend, a sibling or a loved one. Below are a few ideas to help you make pieces of jewellery on your own.

Accessories that can be made by you


Shells are very versatile as they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Also shell jewellery is very popular and can be made even by kids. All you need to do is look online for shells.

You can look for oyster shells for sale or any other variety from the numerous choices. Next, you can make a pair of earrings or use a shell as a pendant and pass a chain through the shell or you can even make a bracelet of tiny shells. A statement necklace of large shells will make heads turn when you wear it with your summer outfit. The only thing to remember is to use gilding adhesive to make a hole or then to be careful with craft drills so as not to break the shells.

Rope or yarn

You can use different brightly coloured ropes to make a statement neckpiece. Braid the ropes and then attach a hook attachment at the end. A braided bracket can also be made in a similar manner.

Stones and beads

Apart from shells, stones and beads are equally popular and can make a wide variety of jewellery pieces. Most beads come with a hole so you just need to pass a chain or string through them to make a necklace or bracelet. Bead earrings can be made too. Even, multiple layers can be added to the necklace to make it stand out.

Similarly, a number of stones are available or can be found naturally too for you to make an accessory of your choice. Turquoise beads are especially popular and make for stunning statement jewellery. Pieces of marble can also be used by giving them a coat of colour which makes them look like jade or something similar.

Copper wires

The art of making jewellery using wires might require a little skill to bend it perfectly, but it can make pretty shapes, such as a flower or a heart or any shape that it can be bend into. This can be made into rings or earrings.
So, go ahead and make your own piece of jewellery.

Things To Remember When Setting Up A Home Stay


A large number of people seem to have caught the travel bug of late and a lot of these individuals seem to be following a common trend.
Although years ago, most people will be willing to make sure that they eat the best of food and stay in the best of places during their vacation, of late there has been a change in this kind of travelling. The most common type of travelling today is budget trips.

People who are travelling today choose to live the life of a local in the land they are visiting rather than stay at a fancy hotel during their stay. They seem to prefer eating at a local shop rather than spend and eat food that they can easily get at home in their own country. And the fact is that hotels, motels and home stays that have noticed this trend and changed their menu and pricing too fit this change of preference among tourists are flourishing.

If you are one of the hopeful individuals who have the property ready and are able to open a home stay of this kind, there are a few things that you will need to look into and keep a track of if you want your business to take off from the first day its self. One of the first thing is to make sure you are clean. Regardless of how simple you think it is, cleanliness makes all the difference. Sure, these travelers are in fact looking for a budget place to stay but they will also expect the place that they are paying for to be worth the money that they are going to spend. So do not choose to cut corners with things like a cheap mattress of Realsmart or rooms that look like they have not been maintained in years.

Invest in items like a common dining area or cheap mattress toppers in the bedrooms to give your room a more furnished look. Make sure that the guests you are housing are comfortable and have all that they need.The next will be to advertise. If it is a budget option, put up a board, print leaflets and make sure that the amount you are planning to charge your guest are in fact a budget rate and not an amount that they can comfortably stay in a four or five start guest house with.

Be courteous and helpful and make your guest feel welcome. But remember not to smother them and give them their privacy as much as possible. Knowing these small but important tricks can help you make a name for yourself among the other home stays in your area