Decorating Your Home For The Festive Season

If you want to truly get into the Christmas spirit, don’t leave out your home. Dress it up in true festive style to welcome the season and wow your guests when they step inside. Read on for some great tips on how to deck your home out to spread the cheer.

Use greenery and natural elements

We all know holly, ivy and mistletoe are a big part of the Christmas tradition. So if you want to stick to traditional décor, incorporate plenty of greenery and other elements from nature. This is not just a very cost-effective way to decorate, it will also give your home a seasonal vibe. Make use of fir-tree garlands such as those made of pine or juniper and add in twigs, pine cones, and berries. Not only do they look eye-catching, they have an authentic holiday scent as well. Dress up the garlands with ribbons in red, green or silver. You could even spray paint them with gold for a more festive touch. If you find them a bit difficult to put together or don’t have enough time, you could always get the assistance of professionals and have a flower delivery made to your home. Drape them on your banisters, on your mantelpiece, make wreaths, or set them on your table.

Create striking central arrangements

A central arrangement on a dining table or mantelpiece will immediately draw interest and liven up the blandest of spaces. To achieve this look, make use of various items from candles, vases, baubles, to vintage Christmas greeting cards and motifs such as stockings and candy canes. You could even use bowls of fruit, nuts or traditional Christmas flowers to create a beautiful and colorful arrangement. When it comes to flowers, ask your flower shop for poinsettia or Christmas roses which will give a festive feel. For a more interesting look, create layers in your arrangements with objects of different heights contrasted against each other. For example, you could display tall candlesticks set amongst smaller bowls of flowers or fruit.

Traditional materials and textures

There are certain Christmas motifs and objects that never go out of style. Try to use them in your décor too. Plaid is a print which definitely has a very seasonal, rustic vibe with its red and green colour scheme. So think about making use of plaid in your décor either through cushion covers, a tablecloth or runner. Apart from prints, think about wintry motifs such as snowflakes and fake snow or silver glitter which you could add to your designing process. Gingerbread men and houses are also a well-loved part of the Christmas tradition.When decorating your home for the season, make use of rich colours and mix with earthy tones and neutral hues for a subtle effect.

Writen by Stefan Rosales